On 15 April 2022 Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, reopened its doors after a four-year renovation. The 17th century palace has been sustainably renovated, the interiors have been restored and the rooms redecorated. After the reopening visitors could choose two routes: through the seventeenth-century chambers of King Stadtholder William III or through the nineteenth and twentieth-century rooms of Queen Wilhelmina.

However the new modern underground extension with a glass roof underneath the bassecour, the forecourt of the palace designed by KAAN Architecten – wasn’t completed until 2023. The Palace therefore closed its doors on 27 March 2023 to prepare for the grand opening by King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands on Friday evening 21 April 2023. On Saturday 22 April 2023 the now fully renovated palace once again will open its doors for visitors. The ticket sale has already started.

The grand foyer, as the new entrance hall is called, is 5000 m² big. There will be gastronomy and a palace shop. With your ticket you can visit everything Paleis Het Loo has to offer. The permanent exhibition ‘The Oranges’, the temporary exhibition ‘Masterpiece’, the palace, stables and coach houses, the gardens and the Oranjewalk.

Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn
© Netty Leistra

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