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Belvedere Palace Vienna Austria
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Royal exhibitions 2023

Updated: 29 August 2023 Country Place & Country Exhibition Dates Austria Lower Belvedere, Vienna Das Belvedere. 300 Jahre Ort der Kunst 2 December 2022 – 7 January 2024 Schloss Halbturn, Halbturn Kaiserliche Kindheit – Ein Leben für die Krone 20 April 2023 – 5 November 2023 Wasserschloss Unterwittelsbach, Aichach-Unterwittelsbach Kaiserin Elisabeth – ein Leben in …

Balmoral Castle Scotland United Kingdom
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Balmoral has reopened on 1 April 2023

The royal castle of Balmoral, situated in Ballater, Scotland (United Kingdom) announced that the grounds, gardens and exhibitions reopened to the public on 1 April 2023. Balmoral will be open until Wednesday 16 August 2023. Also its first exhibition “Monarchs at Balmoral” will go on display in 2023, showing photographs of the British royal family …

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The King’s watercolours at Sandringham

On 1 April 2023 the Sandringham Estate opens its doors again. Until 12 October 2023 a collection of watercolours painted by King Charles III of the United Kingdom, when still Prince of Wales, is going on display in the Ballroom at Sandringham House Shown are over 40 watercolours of British geographic landscapes and royal residences, …

Leighton House London United Kingdom
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King Charles III visited Leighton House

King Charles III of the United Kingdom on Thursday 9 February 2023 visited the newly-renovated museum Leighton House to hear about the artistic partnership with Turquoise Mountain, the charity founded by the then Prince of Wales to preserve and develop traditional craft practices across Afghanistan, Myanmar, and the Middle East, and to drive economic development …