1. Let’s start at the beginning. You’re searching for information about a place you would like to visit and there is hardly anything to find or it takes a lot of time. One of the irritations I want to take away with this site is, to help finding the royal and noble palaces and castles easier.

2. This immediately brings me to my next point: the website. Honestly there are still nice places / museums in the world, that are open to the public, that don’t have a proper website. It also happens that they do have one, but that it isn’t updated very well, or is not available in English.

3. The bad thing about some palaces and castles is their accessibility. If you have a car you get everywhere, but what if you don’t have one available? Either because you can’t drive, like me, or you arrived into the country by airplane or train. It takes ages to figure out how to get somewhere by public transport.

Windsor Castle

4. For people like me, that love to take pictures of the properties, nothing is so irritating as places looking bad on photos because of scaffolding or cars, etc. blocking an otherwise great view.

5. Staff can be a nuisance. Unfriendly, uninformed, uninterested or even overfriendly. And no, nobody wants to be closely followed around during a visit. I can tell you: that has happened.

6. Honestly I prefer the old-fashioned information shields. I never have enough patience for audio guides. Besides, the cord always tangles with my camera strap.

7. I am not a fan of guided tours either, but sometimes you’re forced to take one, because otherwise you don’t get in. I don’t care much for guided tours only focussing on furniture and architecture. Endlessly standing on spots that are to me not interesting, and when I am interested I am rushed through the room. As I am interested in history I like staff to know at least something about the history of the place I am visiting, so I can ask questions if I have any.

8. I do speak and understand Dutch, English and German. I have an accent myself, but I “snub” guides who speak dialect even while at work. It is most irritating when you have huge trouble understanding what people are saying.

9. Overcrowded places!

10. To me a palace or castle should have a proper shop, or at least show that there is something that I can buy: postcards, books, souvenirs. And if you are a royal or noble place, please show! Nothing is worse than seeing lots of stuff on sale, but nothing or hardly anything royal or noble. Furthermore: don’t sell expensive stuff only. By the way, it is good for your own wallet, but bad for theirs!

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